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Shelf Styling

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Creating and styling modern open shelves in your home

Whether it's your bedroom, bathroom, lounge, or kitchen we all have shelves in our home that could do with a little decluttering and styling! The good news is, with the right accessories and some modern styling tips you can create the perfect #shelfie.

Beautiful open shelves can add style and bring character and personality to a room. Lets face it, shelves stand out so you want them looking good!

Here are a few tips on how to style the perfect open shelves:

1. Create a balance between storage and looking pretty You don’t want to stack LOADS of books and accessories on your shelves as it just leaves them looking cluttered. Creating a balance is key. If you do have lots things you want to hide away then baskets and boxes are a great idea! You can get some lovely storage decor from Ikea here that not only hide your items away, but look super cute and stylish on a shelf too! If you have books – try not to overload your shelves with them. Avoid ugly bookends, instead use items like a heavy candle or plant to prop your books up if needed. Put a few books across a couple shelves and lay some horizontal as it breaks up the layout.

Image by @style.less.home

2. Create a colour scheme Try and pick out accessories that match the colour of your room. For example pick out some items that match your throw or cushions. Shelves look better with a theme - neutral, black and white, colourful, its up to you and your style but visually a colour coordinating shelf is a win win!

Image by @luciamaysmithhome

Shop the look – Art print: Midnight Blue by Palm & Wild, Lamp: Rattan Lamp by Zara home.

3. Adding accessories Whether it’s vases, candles, ornaments, or more, the perfect accessories really make #shelves stand out. We encourage you to pick items in a variety of sizes, textures, and heights. Pick out things that will make your shelves unique and add personality. Place smaller items next to larger items and try not to include too many small accessories – larger items give more impact. Move them around and see what items sit pretty next to one another! We are a big fan of H&Ms homeware accessories, they always sell some great items that can keep your shelves looking stylish and on-trend!

Image by @south_coast_home

Shop the look – Candle: Black bubble candle by Amber Louisa, Vase: Stoneware vase by H&M.

4. Plants

Bring the outside in and give a tropical feel by adding plants to your shelves. You can never go wrong with too many plants! Not only do they look pretty, but they are good for your health too. House plants reduce stress and boost your mood. We love this plant shelf here (not forgetting the cute kittens).

Image by @broadleafclose

5. Add some art Adding art shows your personality and adds a touch of character.

Add bigger framed art pieces on the bottom shelves with smaller pieces higher up to balance out the layout. Focus on the little details by adding a plant or other decorative accessories next to the art to frame it. For smaller framed art you don't always have to use the frame stand. Lean the frame against the wall for a casual, contemporary look and feel. Palm & Wild framed art prints give a modern, unique feel in a simple and stylish way. With the art prints focusing strongly on the colour scheme and how they work with the home, you can find some beautiful art on our shop here.

Image by @thisgirlathome

Shop the look – Art prints: Daydreamer, and Honeyleaf both by Palm & Wild.

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