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Picking art prints to match your wall colour

Picking art to match your home can sometimes be tricky. Certain furnishings will enhance the art – for example if your cushions are mainly brown, choosing an art print with brown tones in will emphasise the print and visually give the room a better colour balance.

Not only do you have to consider your home decor surroundings, but the biggest and main problem people have is finding and matching art to their wall colour.

Here are two great examples of how Palm & Wild art prints match Farrow & Balls paint colours perfectly! We also have a few helpful tips and tricks on pairing the perfect art prints to your wall colour.

See how they have done it...

We love how Samantha has paired our Sunshine View and Moonlight View boho art prints on this beautiful colour block wall. Her wall colour is ‘Red Earth’ by Farrow & Ball. The colour 'Red Earth' combines red and yellow pigments to create a warm earthy feel. Our art prints are focused strongly on creating gorgeous colour palettes within each design, so the summery colours of the two prints work perfectly against the pop of colour on this wall. They pick up the colour pigments of the paint and work with the general 'bohemian summer' theme of the room. The different colours within the prints also pick up other elements within the room like the white macrame and the yellow sunhat. The two designs bring everything together to create a beautiful modern boho bedroom.

Image by @simplelifewiththree

Sarahs bathroom is also another one of our favourites. She has used ‘Elephant Breath’ by Farrow & Ball and paired our ‘Black & Neutral I’ and ‘Black & Neutral II’ art prints together. This warm and contemporary light grey/beige colour can be matched with strong accents and calmer neutral colours which makes it a really modern and versatile paint colour. The neutral beige colours of the art prints compliment the wall colour perfectly with the contrasting black matching the subtle black decor elements in her bathroom. The abstract leaf designs also give a modern on-trend feel which fits in with the bathroom decor.

Image by @houghton_no5

Tips and Tricks

  1. Usually the main feature colour within the print is the colour that should match or be most similar to the wall colour in your room. For example if your walls are blue, then look at wall art prints that mainly have blue in them. They don’t have to match perfectly – look at prints with different tones of blue in them and see which ones complement the wall colour best.

  2. The secondary colour is the colour in the art print that should match other elements in the room. Think about if the colours match cushions and other home accessories.

  3. Don’t pick an art print that blends in too much. Although we have said about matching the colours, if everything matches to perfectly the art prints will blend in and look un-noticeable.

  4. If you find art prints you love don’t be afraid to match the room to the print instead! Use it as an inspiration piece to re-paint those old walls with a fresh lick of paint. Make sure you get a couple of test pot samples and colour swatch books to find the perfect colour.

  5. Get inspiration - Follow us on instagram here where we share inspirational images and styling tips. We are always happy to advise you if you want to share your pictures with us!

  6. Want to put some art on a wallpapered wall? If you have a patterned and colourful wallpaper don’t be scared to go bold and put some colourful art on there. Some of the best maximalist homes have done this to create a unique statement feature wall. If you want to go for a more subtle approach then go for a minimalist or abstract art print.

Not confident with colour? If you would like any more information or help with how to pick your art prints to match your wall colour then drop us a message here we are always happy to help.


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